Thursday, April 30, 2009

WCG 2009 Sri Lankan National Finals

This time around the WCG (World Cyber Games) will be held in Chengdu, China. They have officially announced the games that they will feature this year. They are as follows, 

PC Games:

  1. Counter Strike 1.6
  2. Starcraft
  3. Warcraft III :TFT
  4. FIFA ‘09
  5. Carom3D
  6. Red Stone
  7. TrackMania Nations Forever 

Xbox 360:

  1. Guitar Hero
  2. Virtual Fighter 5 

Mobile Games:

  1. Asphalt 4
  2. Wise Star 2 

Promotional Game: Dungeon & Fighter 

            Grand Finals will be happening from November 11th – 15th. Countries who want to participate this year will have to hold the national finals with in the months of March till October. 

            Sri Lanka will also be looking forward to sending a Counter Strike 1.6 team and so Lanka E-Sports (LKES) will be the organizer of the Sri Lanka National Finals (Date: TBA)

            In the national finals these games will be played.

  1. Counter Strike 1.6
  2. DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) - 5v5*
  3. COD 4 (Call of Duty 4) - 5v5*
  4. FIFA ‘09 - Individual*

* - Not official yet 

            So all Sri Lankan gamers, this is your chance to be crowned as the nation’s best player/team. So practice hard and make sure you are there for the WCG 2009 Sri Lankan National Finals.

            Play Hard, Go Pro.

Go Vote for your favourite games for it be on the National Finals. You have the power to change.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Competitive COD 4 Gaming in Sri Lanka

Call of Duty 4 (COD 4) is relatively new to the multiplayer gaming scenario since it was only released in late 2007. Even though this game has taken over as one of the most played games in other countries and having many gaming tournaments Sri Lanka is still in the early stages of playing the game competitively. Sri Lankan gaming scene is still in the primitive stage but slowly but surely coming to the international standards. There are many up coming tournaments and one day Sri Lankan gamers will be ready to take on the best of players of other countries as well.

            The first online COD 4 server in Sri Lanka was up and running thanks to And it is still the only COD 4 server running 24/7 in Sri Lanka. Thanks to this server many talented COD 4 players emerged.

            Sri Lankan gamers were exposed to some online gaming competitions for Counter Strike 1.6 but they had little chance of showing off their COD 4 talents because there weren’t any COD 4 tournaments being held. Few of the Sri Lankan clans had COD 4 teams namely Infinity Gamers (IG), Death Company (DC), nOOb Alliance (NA) but they didn’t have a tournament to play online. However Death Company COD 4 played some matches with an overseas COD 4 clan. Because of the lack of tournaments the leader of IG, Razeen aka DirkBlack thought of hosting a tournament with his own internet connection. It’s barely enough to hold 10 players on the server and that is all what is needed. So November of 2008 saw the first online COD 4 tournament in Sri Lanka with the mod PAM 4. This tournament was called “Call of Duty 4 Friendly Tournament”. Death Company Team Reds, calling themselves DC|Reds won this tournament. Runners up were the hosts, IG. The winning DC|Reds lineup was as follows

  • Shafrox - Leader
  • Madhatter
  • Exwife
  • Pirate
  • Psycho

  Second season of “Call of Duty 4 Friendly Tournament” is currently on going on DirkBlack’s server. I had a little chat with Dirk and when asked who is the favourite to win the tournament he said that DC|Reds are the favourites to win (being modest). He went on to say that the new mod used for COD 4 matches couldn’t be used for this tournament because it required more bandwidth to hold 10 players.

He also gave a surprising bit of news. He will be leaving IG soon. But that is for a better cause. He will be joining the first Lanka COD 4 team managed by Thilina Pinto aka Cipher and the team name is “Team perks”. The team was announced on today. The team is as follows. The team tag will be "Perks"

  • Shafrox
  • DirkBlack
  • Pirate
  • Madhatter
  • Exwife
  • Psycho 
Best of luck, “Team Perks”, win many international matches. If there is COD 4 for next WCG this team might represent Sri Lanka. So all you readers keep your eyes on Sri Lanka and Team Perks.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

GCCL ( Clans Counter Strike League) Season II

Sri Lankan competitive Counter Strike playing has come a long way in just about a year or so. It’s just like yesterday that I remember playing in gaming weekend with just 7 players on a server hosted through Hamachi. When the 8th player comes the whole server lags. J That was the start. I’ve being playing online since those primitive days. Now there are 2 Sri Lankan 32 player public servers hosted one by and one by LCGZ (Lanka Cyber Game Zone). Both of these sites were at first individual sites doing a common cause (Promoting gaming within Sri Lanka) now they have merged and working together. Also LCGZ have their own 1000FPS match server so that matches can be held without much latency.

            Many Counter Strike Clans have emerged after these two servers were hosted and this tournament will be a very good opportunity to show their talents to the whole Sri Lankan gaming community.

            The first GCCL season was a great success. And this season will be a whole lot better.This is a knockout tournement so better get ready to deliver your best from th first match itself. HLTV will be made available so that the whole gaming community will be able to view the matches live. 

            The tournament will be starting on the first week of February 2009. Come register your clan now. 

Note: Registrations will be closed on the 31st January 2009.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Death Company LAN Party – L6

Death Company [DC] the first and only clan to host large scale LAN parties for the Sri Lankan gamers will be bringing you the third public LAN party in the month of December. They haven’t publicized the exact date as of yet, but they will be doing it in the near future.

            The Organizing team says that this time it’ll be bigger and better. So Gamers in Sri Lanka get ready to have a fantabulous 36 hours of pure non-stop gaming fun.        

            As usual this will be an overnight event where gamers from all around the country will get together in Colombo to have the best 36 hours their lives gaming non-stop, meeting new people, and most of all having fun by playing multiplayer games.

            Gamers play everyday on online servers hosted in Sri Lanka itself but this will be a whole new experience since you get to actually meet the people who you play against each day on the servers.

            A LAN party is one of the best places for gamers to socialize with their gaming peers. Tournaments can also be a good place to get to know new gamers but since of the competitive nature of the event you never get to see the lively personalities of the people that you meet. But since this environment is very different gamers can have the maximum fun with their friends.

            So come join us have the time of your life while playing your favorite game. Remember the month of December will bring you the biggest and the best LAN party in whole of Sri Lanka. Don’t miss it or you will regret it until L7.

See the countdown to L6 by logging to Hope to see you at L6.


poster by: [DC] Daelin

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sri Lanka’s Online Game Ladders

Sri Lanka's gaming scene in has risen up another notch. Recently two of the gaming websites have thought of conducting game ladders. LCGZ (Lanka Cyber Game Zone) has already opened up their game ladder site called and opened up registrations for COD4 (Call of duty 4). The other site that is preparing to open up a gaming ladder is According to sources they will also open up registrations very soon and says that it’ll be better than the rival game ladder.

            Wikipedia states that “A game ladder is a series of ranking levels used to measure playing skill in competitive games.  It goes on to say that, “Game ladders are an integral part of the playing experience for many games.”     

            So what these guys are doing will undoubtedly increase the gaming experience of our novice Sri Lankan gamers.

     is planning to hold gaming ladders for

  • Counter Strike - 5v5
  • DotA (Defense of the Ancients) - 5v5
  • COD 4 - 5v5 – Can go register your clan/team @

 My 2 cents:

            Sri Lankan Gaming community is really small as at now and it is limited to the Colombo region and some are from the Kandy region. Having 2 gaming ladders for the same games might be too much for the gamers. Many might opt to go to just one gaming ladder because of the time constrains and for other reasons. Thereby the whole point of having a gaming ladder (To rank the all of the current teams/clans) will be going out of the window, since no ONE ladder will consists all the clans/teams in Sri Lanka as at now.  

Therefore might I suggest if any of the organizers looking at this blog post to come together and host one gaming ladder for one game. Thereby the whole purpose holding a gaming ladder will be persevered. 

Thanks for Reading. Await a post on the outcome of the GCDL Season 1.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WCG Sri Lankan National Finals

            WCG Sri Lankan National Finals came to an end on the 4th October 2008 at the BMICH committee room B after two days of heavy battling. After the preliminaries, only 4 out of 20 teams remained in the contention for the national championship.

The teams were: - Xfire, Contrabanded, FFB (Funky Funny Blades), and Team Liquid.

            At the semi finals Contrabanded had to face Team Liquid and Xfire had face FFB. And Team Liquid and FFB came out victorious from their respective semi final matches to become the finalists.

            There was also a matchup to find the third place and in that Contrabanded were able to beat Xfire.

            The final was best of 3 maps. The maps were de_tuscan (This map was declared an official WCG map this year), de_train and de_dust2.

            First map of the finals was de_tuscan. The 2 teams were neck and neck up until the 6th round but after that all the things went in favour of Team Liquid and they managed to keep the FFB under control. They went on to win that map 16 – 3.

            Next up was the map de_train. After a couple of winning rounds there was no holding back the “Team Liquid” as they cruised their way to a 16 – 0 victory.  It was sad to see that the finals was so one sided.   

            Presentation ceremony began after a short break. Dean of the IT faculty of the Moratuwa University Prof. Dileeka Dias graced the occasion as the chief guest.  She gave a very inspiring speech for all the gamers who were there at the presentation ceremony.

            An exhibition match was played between the finalists and the winner was chosen the first team to win 6 rounds in de_dust2 map, and in that match too Team Liquid was the first team to win 6 rounds giving only 2 rounds to the opposing team.

            The schedule for the day went a bit off track when Team Liquid challenged a team from the audience for a friendly encounter. And the challenge was accepted by 5 fellow gamers that were in the audience.

            This game was just as one sided just like the last map of the National Finals. The last score was 10 – 0 in favour of Team Liquid.

            As the last item for the presentation ceremony, medals were given off for the winners of the competitions. Amidst all the cheers from the crowd the winning team “Team Liquid” received their medals. So did the second and the third place winners.

            Here is a picture of winning team (Team Liquid) after receiving their well earned medals and the trophy.  

From left to right :- Faiz “Blaze” Ariff, Thushan “Gladiator” Hettiarachchi, Shawn D. “intdr” Wijesundera, Amri “Crusade” Anver, Mohomed Rukhandeen “Rila” Rila


WCG Sri Lankan National Finals was thus concluded.

            Here are some photos from the Preliminaries of Sri Lanka WCG Qualifiers. All photos displayed in this blog post are courtesy of Lanka eSports (hosts of the National Finals)


Above pic :- Officials explaining rules to the participants

Above pic (middle) : OMGitsRyan with an OMG look! :D

Above : The Death Company Team playing the first match of the preliminaries.

Above : Team Xfire on the second day of the preliminaries

            I have a small request from my dear readers. The winning team is currently trying to find sponsors for them to go to WCG 2008 which is to be held at Cologne Germany. So please be kind enough to ask your company to sponsor our National Team for the Finals of WCG 2008. (Team Liquid Web site )

Here is a youtube video of the interview that was broadcasted onair via MTV Sri Lanka on the show "Planet Pulse". The captain of the Team Liquid, and Directors of Lanka eSports were interviewed in this show. 

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for updates on the GCDL tournament which is currently underway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

GCDL ( Clans DotA League) – Season 1

One of Sri Lanka’s leading gaming communities will be hosting the first ever online Defence of the Ancients (more commonly known as DotA) on the gaming VPN platform called ‘Ganera Portal’(commonly known as GG-client).

            DotA is a famous custom scenario (mod) for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. And the objective of the game is to destroy the opponents “Ancient”. This is a role playing game where players control ‘Heroes’ and they are assisted by AI controlled units called ‘Creeps’. The players must level up their hero in the course of the game and outplay and outsmart the other team to destroy their ‘ancient’. Players get gold for every creep that they kill and it is used to buy items that make their hero more powerful.

This gaming tournament will be held in the entire month of October starting from the 4th October 2008.

            A number of clans have already registered their respective teams for this competition but still others clans can register their teams since they are not limiting the number of teams that can participate in the tournament clans therefore clans can put up several teams if they wish to, but more the teams the more hectic the match schedule is. Note that the registrations will be closed on the 29th of September 2008.

            Ganera will be sponsoring this event and they will be providing a room in their portal for this tournament and future tournaments as well. It could be found under 'Leagues' and it's called DOTA Tournament room. How cool is that! :)

More information about the rules and regulations about this tournament can be found in the site. Below is the link for the thread in the forums


Thanks for reading this post. Keeps tabs of this site of more of the very latest information on Sri Lanka’s Gaming Scene.